The computer related technologies that i have available to me are my Dell laptop although right now i am in the process of moving and our internet is shut off so that is not available at the moment, i have a video ipod that i use almost every day ( i am looking to get an external hard drive to save my music on so i can save space on the laptop), i have an Xbox if that counts, and last but not least i have a sweet computer system at the football center that is all mac and we use it to watch film. the system has one server i think and then just a bunch of external hard drives. our video guy copies video onto the computer and sends it to each coaches hard drive so they can show us. there is also a sweet program that we use to watch the film. it can sort all the plays by formation, run/pass, coverage, ect. i used computers all through high school and in middle school. in middle school we had a required computer class and we also used them for the library. in high school i think we had one required comuter class and the rest were electives but i took begining comuter programing and a applications class. i enjoyed both. in high school my teachers never used power point except in my computer classes but i think my junior or senior year the high school started using an online grading application for all high school students. now they probably have it for mmiddle school too. all or most of my high school and middle school teachers used computers for grading and attendance. i hope to learn basic technology integration and more effective and creative ways to use technology in the classroom so my students can have more of a variety and that it may lighten up and subjects or material that may be bland. my definition of “educational technology” is any thing that is computer based and that is used to help with instruction and or learning. it makes the class material more interesting and or easier to understand.